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Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist

Price: $139.00

Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist

The Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist makes any lifting job in the garage a breeze! This garage ceiling hoist has everything you need to store bikes, carts and more on the ceiling! Store almost anything up and out of the way with the Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist. Works on all ceiling types to help you make use of those unused areas! Great for off season storage of bikes, fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, yard carts, and much more! Features include:

1. Safety Release Mechanism
2. Two Rope System to raise/lower loads
3. Single Person Operation
4. Includes Mounting Hardware for Finished and Unfinished Ceilings
5. 150 lb. Weight Capacity
6. Bearings on Pulleys for Ease of Lifting
7. Lifts up to 150 lbs. With 50 lbs of Force
8. Includes Rope Guides to Keep Load Stable
9. 96' of Rope for Ceilings up to 9'

Stamped Steel Construction. Straps not included.

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